Silica Gel Packets - 2 Gram (1" x 1.5")

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Silica Gel Packets.jpg

Silica Gel Packets - 2 Gram (1" x 1.5")

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  • 50 x 2 gram packets per bag @ $17.00

  • 200 x 2 gram packets per bag @ $50.00

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Silica gel packets can be used to protect your valuables against moisture related damage by adsorbing and trapping water vapor in the air. As a result, this drastically lowers humidity preventing the formation of mold, mildew, rust & corrosion. In addition, the silica gel in these packets is odorless, chemically inert, non-toxic, non-corrosive, does not form by-products, and when saturated, will remain completely dry to the touch and remain physically unaltered.

These can be used to prevent tarnish on gold and silver, protect your precious tools from rusting in your tool box - or drop some in your camera bag to protect your camera and equipment. It even protects expensive leather items like jackets, shoes, and boots. Also great for tackle boxes, photo albums, computer media storage, gun cases, ammo boxes, coin collections, camping gear, backpacks, campers, electronics, etc.

The packet material is Tyvek, which is light-weight, extremely strong, low-linting, has a smooth surface, contains no harmful substances and is resistant to chemicals, abrasion & aging. In addition, the fabric is also water-proof, but does allow water vapor to pass through it.