Keep Your Home Fresh

Eliminate musty odors and mildew from your closets and storage boxes.
Keep your belongings fresh and dry.

Hydrosorbent dehumidifiers drink up excess moisture to create a protective shield of dry air in your closets, storage bins, and other storage areas. They prevent condensation which can cause damage: mildew, fungus, mold, odor, spotting, and stains.

Most moisture damage is caused by humidity trapped in a storage area, which turns into almost imperceptible condensation. Our dehumidifiers work night and day, yet need no electricity. They are use around the world to protect stored clothing, papers, photographs, collectibles, and just about anything you might have. Read more. Here’s what our customers are saying:

***** 5 out of 5 A horse lover from South Carolina “Midlands”
“This product is both effective and easy to use. It is in my trunks at the barn where my horse lives. I had to buy a very expensive saddle and want to protect it from mold and mildew. We have very hot, humid summers.Our average temperature then is 90 to 95 degrees. The humidity is 100% from June to September. I also use it in my other trunks for the same reason, they store blankets, clippers, tools and tack which I am not using. Since I have been using this product, I have not had any molds or mildew. I hope you will find this if you ride and use it to keep your leather in great condition.”

***** 5 out of 5 Keeping your storage free of moisture - A satisfied customer from Georgia
“This product works very well at keeping my safe free of moisture even in my garage with the dryer! I love that it is renewable and extremely simple to use/renew. It is very simple to tell when you need to renew the gel too!!If you live in a really humid climate, this is a must have. Get one that is rated for a volume greater than your storage so you can go even longer before needing to renew the silica gel.”

**** 4 out of 5 Works well for small spaces, A homeowner
“I bought this product because I had mold growing in my wardrobe on all my shoes. It seems to have dried out the area for the most part, but I may need to buy a couple more (I think the bottom of the wardrobe is bigger than 3 cubic feet).”