Our Distributors

Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers manufactures a family of dehumidifying units which are available through our retail and wholesale partners.

The following is a partial list of online stores that carry our products. Not all distributors carry all sizes of our units. If you have difficulty finding a supplier for your needs, please click here to contact us

Ordering in the USA 
    * Brownells
    * Collectons
    * Clark Security Products
    * Fradon Lock Company
    * Fuerte Cases
    * Gearfire
    * Highland Woodworking
* IAS Packaging Solution
    * Jake's Marketplace, Inc.
    * JP's Corner, Inc.
    * MidwayUSA
    * Safe And Lock Store
    * Valley Coin

Ordering in Hawaii
    * Security Equipment Corp.

Ordering in Canada
    * Lee Valley Tools

Ordering in Australia
* Brownells
    * Silica Gel Australia

Ordering in the UK
    * Brownells

Ordering in Europe
Finland -
France - Brownells
Germany - Brownells
Italy -
Netherlands -
Vonk BV
Norway -
Spain -
Sweden -
Switzerland -

Distributors, Dealers, and Direct Marketers
All of our dehumidifiers are sold in case quantities. It’s easy to get started with our low-cost, introductory mixed case. Contact us to request a price quote based on your needs.

We will work out a mutually-beneficial, long-term relationship with you, packaging our product to your specifications. We are flexible enough to fill your special requirements. Please contact us regarding your needs.

Government and Military
Our first product was made for U.S. Navy mothballing programs. Our product is made in the U.S. Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers was founded by a military veteran and is now recognized as"woman-owned" and as a "small business."

Museums, Police Armories, Weather Stations, Industry, and Others
We invite you to contact us about your unique needs. We will be happy to provide a competitive quote. Excellent prices are available for case quantities.