Preserve Your Outdoor Gear

Protect your investment.

Camping, fishing, and other outdoor equipment is vulnerable to moisture both during and after your adventures. In the campground, on a kayaking or canoeing trip, when you’re sailing or on a surfing safari ... keep your gear dry with safe, non-toxic, easy to use dehumidifying units from Hydrosorbent.

When you get home and it’s time to stow away your gear, make sure that it’s safe from rust, mold, mildew, and odors that can result from moisture trapped in your stuff bags or gear boxes. There’s nothing worse than getting out your gear in the spring to find those terrible musty odors and mildew.

Our dehumidifier units ‘drink up’ excess moisture to protect your belongings - great for sporting equipment, camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cookstoves and barbecues, fishing equipment, tackle boxes, waders, life jackets, wetsuits, first aid kits, dry bags for gear stowage, food packs, and more. Hydrosorbent Dehumidifiers come in several sizes to provide the best protection for your tools and equipment. - choose the size that’s right for you.

How to use our dehumidifiers:
Make sure that when you’re using a dry bag, you’re not just preventing moisture from getting into the bag, but you’re also protecting your belongings from moist air already trapped inside the bag. Use a Hydrosorbent mini canister with:
    •  Gaia See Turtle Purge dry bag
    •  Koki Dry Silk packs
    •  North Face waterproof daypack
    •  Outdoor Research dry ditty sacks
    •  Sea to Summit dry sacks and duffles
    •  Seak watertight bags and duffles
    •  SealLife dry packs and dry bags
    •  Seattle Sports dry duffle bags
    •  Topeak dry bags for your bike
    •  Loksak bags
    •  Waterproof pouches and casesfor protecting maps, compasses, phones, tablets, computers, mp3 players