iRescue Kit Testimonials

What people are saying about the iRescue Kit

"I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you for saving my iPhone!  When it fell into the water and came out dripping, I was sure it was lost to me forever (along with all the new data on it). Your iRescue Kit worked its magic.  After 2 days, I opened the bag and powered up the phone, expecting nothing, but amazingly the phone worked. Not only that, all the functions are completely fine: e-mail, gps, camera, internet, ipod are all working perfectly ... as though the phone had never gone for its accidental swim. Thank you so much for saving me from all the inconveniences, expenses, and hassles involved with replacing an iPhone, as well as the inevitable reproaches of carelessness I would have suffered from my husband: I highly recommend your product!  Many thanks." Alix A., Dec. 2009

"Thank you so much for the iRescue Kit. I washed my son's pants and did not realize that his watch was in the pocket.  When we found the watch the face was so cloudy you could not read it at all. I used the kit and 24 hours later it was good as new ... what a great product."   Aimee M., May 2011

"I played in a soccer tournament recently and it rained. Foolishly, I left my phone out in the rain. It did not get too wet, however, I did not start it up and took it right home and dropped it into my iRescue kit. This is the second time in just a few months that I have used it.  The peace of mind that I had knowing I could fix any water issues was awesome. Everyone should have an iRescue Kit!" Chris M,. Apr. 2012